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Privacy Quick Start Windows

BlackFog Privacy ensures your device is protected from fileless cyber attacks which are growing at an alarming rate. This Quick Start Windows guide walks you through the main features of the desktop application. BlackFog provides real time protection against online threats with 12 layers of protection to prevent attacks from ransomware, spyware, malware and unauthorized data collection and profiling.

It provides several layers of protection.

  • Monitors network traffic in real-time and blocks applications and web sites from collecting and profiling your behavior. It also allows you to see where you outbound traffic is going and block endpoints and / or applications from sending data to remote servers.
  • Locks down the operating system so that background services, scheduled tasks and processes do not collect data about your behavior.
  • Removes any forensic data (application history, cookies and log files) from your computer.
  • Blocks microphone activation by other applications so that you are well informed about audio recording activity.

All these features can be easily controlled using the navigation tiles on the main screen.

The main interface consists of 12 tiles. The left hand tiles provide the main configuration dialogs, while the right hand tiles provide more detailed traffic and threat information.



The Tiles provide an overview of your system privacy based upon forensic data, system privacy settings and outbound traffic destination. The first column of tiles provide various option dialogs to control the settings of the application in these three areas.

The second column of tiles provide information about the current network activity and the number of blocks for advertising, profiling/ tracking and identified threats. By its very nature you will notice that your device is significantly faster than before. Sites load much quicker because you are now generating 40% fewer requests (on average) than before. You can measure this by turning off the networking options and visiting the same sites again.

The third column provides detailed network traffic information. You can drill into the top two tiles to get further information about the endpoint processes and destinations as well as geographic data such as city, state and country. The third tile allows you to quickly perform a privacy clean based on the current settings available in the Forensic dialog.

Traffic Map

The Traffic Map provides a visual map of all outbound traffic from your machine across all ports and interfaces. The black squares show you where the traffic is flowing out of your machine and the red circles the geographic blocks you have applied. It provides up to 100 unique data points which is constantly updated.

Network Options


The Network options provide many different levels of protection for you device. By default most options are switched on by default for the maximum available protection.

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