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White listing applications using the Enterprise console

BlackFog includes many Enterprise features for managing a large number of clients remotely. White listing applications is an important configuration step for many organizations that have custom scripts and applications that maybe installed in non standard locations. The Enterprise console allows an administrator to remotely control all features of BlackFog via the Web console including automatic client updates.

Many Enterprises have specific requirements and applications that need to be white listed to automate the device and these are often included in restricted directories. These applications can be automatically white listed within the console. There are two main sections within the global settings (Settings > Global) that can be configured for the clients, Local AppData and Roaming AppData.


Files maybe white listed by adding them to either of these sections. It is also possible to use the wildcard asterisk (*) and question mark character symbols (?) to match specific patterns as in the example above. Be very careful that you do not include very broad expressions in these sections because it can potentially white list threats as well. Try to avoid the use of *.extension expressions wherever possible and try and use more specific ones such as MyCommand-?.cmd.

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