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Monthly Blocks with GeoFencing

The Challenge

Like most organizations, users pose the biggest risk to IT Security at KVUC. KVUC counts on their users being educated and responsible enough to avoid responding to phishing emails or opening bad attachments containing viruses, but the reality is that hackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated by the day, so the risk of cyberattack is very real.

With budgets being mandated by the Department of Education, IT administration has seen cuts over the last two years. With fewer hands to manage the same workload, and cyber threats increasing in volume, KVUC needed to find IT solutions and new work processes to optimise the department.

The Solution

KVUC were looking for a security solution that would provide protection from cyberthreats without impacting their end users, and although they had Antivirus and Firewall solutions in place, they weren’t enough to protect against the Fileless attacks that were becoming more prevalent. After hearing about BlackFog they were initially interested in the product because it covered an area of their security strategy that was previously the responsibility ofthe user. BlackFog’s preventative on-device approach ensured that even if a user did open a malicious email and accidently clicked a bad link, their network security would not be compromised.

The Approach

The IT team at KVUC installed and tested BlackFog on several of their administrative systems and immediately noticed a reduction in the malware threats they had previously experienced. During the testing period the team were able to customize the solution by adding geo blocks, whitelisting and blacklisting certain websites and applications. Using the enterprise console, they were able to manage their devices and obtain a centralized view of all threats and events generated at the endpoint.

The Results

“Prior to installing BlackFog we would see malware on a frequent basis, now that we have it running on our admin systems, we have only seen one single threat. On the education side where we are relying on firewalls and Antivirus, we are seeing it regularly.” Commented Carsten Pedersen, IT Administrator at KVUC. “We know that malware is everywhere, and we have always taken precautions to prevent against cyberthreats, but with BlackFog installed we’ve managed to mitigate the security risks posed by our users. BlackFog really works and this summer we are installing it another 600-700 PC’s.”

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