Ahlborn Structural Steel Case Study
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The Challenge

Like most organizations, the pandemic created new IT security challenges for Ahlborn Steel as their workforce became remote, working across several locations and various devices. Aware of increased cyberattacks, particularly ransomware targeting the infrastructure sector, the company needed to ensure they could enable their employees to do their jobs effectively and securely no matter where they were located.

The company outsources its IT security to Managed Service Provider (MSP) V&R Solutions who were committed to securing the organizations devices. Following the HAFNIUM Exchange Server attack which affected 100’s of thousands of Microsoft Exchange customers, including Ahlborn, the company decided to look into new technologies to help prevent cyberattacks.

The Solution

The company was introduced to BlackFog by their Cyber Insurance provider Evolve MGA. “Evolve talked to us about ransomware protection and suggested BlackFog might be able to help us. We did some initial research and really liked the peace of mind that a solution like BlackFog could provide. Having someone else watching out for ransomware attacks and using a behavioural based technology, rather than relying on a Firewall or Antivirus really impressed me.” Commented Ahlborn Steel CFO Anton Guerrero.

The Approach

The company along with their MSP met with BlackFog’s VP of Threat Intelligence to learn more about BlackFog’s Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) technology and how it would help them prevent cyberattacks including ransomware. “A two week trial which included a ransomware assessment across some of our corporate devices allowed us to see the technology in action and get some insights into some activities happening in the network.

The assessment showed us things that we would never have known about otherwise, commented Cory Vader, President of V&R Solutions. “After the trial period we sat down with the team at BlackFog and went over the incidents in the Enterprise Console. We saw it working and we knew then it was going to do what it promised to do.”

“We never knew about Anti Data Exfiltration technology prior to our introduction to BlackFog, but after the demo, our views on what could be seen as harmless data loss changed. After seeing all of the activity going on in the background, preventing it has become a lot more important.” Commented Cory.

The Results

Following the assessment and trial period, the company decided to add BlackFog to its security strategy and deploy it across all employee devices. “We are really happy with BlackFog, it’s doing its job but most of all its providing peace of mind. The console is really intuitive and I particularly like the Threat Hunting feature as it allows us to see that what we are experiencing is happening not just in our environment but to other companies worldwide. We’d definitely recommend BlackFog to other organizations looking to secure their remote employees and prevent ransomware”, commented Cory.

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