Girl Scouts Case Study
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The Challenge

Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines is a large organization supported by a small IT team. The organization is committed to protecting and securing data and is governed by a board and audit committee focused on compliance, data privacy, and data security. A Security Operation Center (SOC) wasn’t an option and dedicating the time required to proactively manage and report on security was a big challenge for the team.

“Working in a small IT team is an appealing part of the job but also a major challenge.” Commented Ryan Davis, IT Director at Girl Scouts NC. “Security is a major concern, staying on top of threats such as phishing, ransomware and maintaining data integrity is a full time job in itself.

We have data on minors and adult members that we need to protect and we also have camper medical data and customer data from our retail outlets, this combined with the increased number of cyberattacks we read about every day and the increase in remote working for our staff members means that having a cybersecurity solution that works to proactively prevent cyberthreats and data theft is critical for us.”

The Solution

Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines learned about BlackFog through their cyber insurance partner Evolve MGA. BlackFog’s ability to prevent profiling was initially what interested the IT team. “The potential for cybercriminals to target our team and effectively track them online was always a worry for us.

When we learned that BlackFog could limit profiling and tracking and allow us to see where all of our data was flowing across every device, we knew we wanted to explore the technology further. We have never experienced a data breach before but we don’t know what we don’t know. Having visibility into what is being accessed, especially at client level was very appealing to us.” Commented Ryan.

The Approach

The team engaged with BlackFog’s VP of Threat Intelligence and tested the solution for around 45 days. During the evaluation phase they quickly discovered that BlackFog was filling a pretty big security gap, allowing them to look into incidents such as: PowerShell executions, suspicious applications, unauthorized data exfiltration and ransomware attempts. “We had another solution that did provide some similar information but ultimately it was difficult to drill in and access information, as well as cumbersome and expensive. BlackFog’s interface was transparent and so easy to manage in comparison to other tools we’ve used.” Commented Ryan.

After the evaluation period, Girl Scouts NC purchased BlackFog much sooner than expected. The threat report provided by BlackFog was presented to the C-Suite who recognized that BlackFog’s data exfiltration prevention technology would add a much needed extra layer of security to their existing cybersecurity suite.

The Results

The organization now has BlackFog installed across all company devices and it’s an integral part of their cybersecurity strategy. Director of IT Ryan comments, “BlackFog gives us peace of mind which ultimately is what every organization, especially those within that are responsible for securing the data, is looking for. Now when I report to the C-Suite, I can respond with accuracy on every device in the organization. I can run reports and access the information so easily from the console. Having BlackFog installed is very reassuring and it’s something I would highly recommend to other SME’s.”

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