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What does Terminal Services Inactive mean

BlackFog is able to operate in a number of different environments, from VDI, and Virtual Machines through to Remote Desktop Services / Terminal Services mode. The Terminal Services mode is invoked when BlackFog is installed on Windows Servers and supports access from multiple clients. This ensures that traffic is encapsulated for each user independently and provides maximum performance across every server within the environment.

The corresponding Session number represents the current id of the logged in session for the current user. In a multiuser environment each client will be issued its own session number by the server.

Normal installations that do not use “Terminal Services” for the desktop will always display Terminal Services as Inactive. BlackFog automatically determines when Terminal Services are being used and switches to a different mode of operation to allow BlackFog to be shared on the server environment. From an operational perspective it has no impact on the end user.

Terminal Services Inactive
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