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What information does BlackFog collect

BlackFog collects a wide range of information int he Enterprise console. Some of this data can be hidden based on settings within each tenant record. In addition BlackFog also enriches and analyzes this data for even more statistics and correlates this with man other meta data services.

Device Data (non enriched)

Data Description
architecture System processor architecture
blackfog BlackFog version number
memory Memory Size
name Device name
processors Processor count
product System product name
systemos Operating system name
systemver Operating system version number
group Device group name
vendor Vendor name of device
domain If device belongs to a domain controller and its name

Event Data (non enriched)

Data Description
category Encoded threat category
description Raw event description
deviceid BlackFog orginated deviceid
devicename Device name
hostip IP address
mitreid Mitre attack code
pid Originating process id
port Exfiltration port
process Process name
timestamp Time of event
country_code 2 letter country code
country_name Country name
longitude Longitude
latitude Latitude
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