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Threat Detection warning when using AVAST Anti-virus

When using AVAST Anti-virus software you may receive a Threat Detection warning from BlackFog Privacy which may prevent some features of AVAST from working correctly. This is the result of AVAST hardcoding specific IP addresses into the application rather than domain names. When the system tries to connect to this endpoint BlackFog will flag it as suspicious and block the connection. This is similar to the behavior of some ransomware software.

In order to stop this behavior you can whitelist specific IP addresses by opening Network > Whitelist and adding the relevant address so that it will not be detected in future. Only use the actual IP address as “” without the quotes.

The other option is to turn off the Suspicious Address detection option. UNCHECK Network > Block > Suspicious Address option in BlackFog Privacy as shown below.

AVAST Anti-virus Threat warning
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