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Unable to load rules over network

When trying to start BlackFog Privacy I keep getting “Unable to load Rules over network” Error. It presents the following dialog and quits the application.

BlackFog Privacy Rules Error
  1. There maybe no active Internet connectivity. Since BlackFog Privacy is designed to work over the network and monitor traffic it is important that it maintains an active rule set which is routinely downloaded from our cloud network.
  2. A Firewall rule might be preventing BlackFog from connecting to it’s remote server. BlackFog requires access to http port 80 and 443 to access it’s rules, which are updated at regular intervals. Make sure there is an exception in your Firewall for BlackFog. This can happen if Windows Firewall is set to Block all outbound connections (not the default). If you are using BlackFog 1.2 or earlier you will need to add this rule to your OUTBOUND rules. Version 1.2.1 and later apply this rule for you upon installation.
  3. Some applications can interfere with network downloads, especially applications that are scanning temporary directories and Internet caches. If they are too aggressive then many applications will stop working correctly. Known problems include CCleaner with Temporary Internet Files turned on.
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