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Unable to load rules over network

When trying to start BlackFog Privacy I keep getting "Unable to load Rules over network" Error. It presents a dialog and then exits the application.
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Signed Driver Error on Windows 7

In versions of Windows 7 with patches after January 1, 2016 the operating system will complain that the driver has not been digitally signed. While the driver has been digitally signed, it requires your machine to be updated with recent Windows patches to be recognized.
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Application is already running

If you receive the "Application is already running" message then you already have BlackFog Privacy running in the background. Version 1.1 and above will now bring the running applicationĀ to the foreground for you automatically.
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Unable to update or uninstall

When you try to update BlackFog Privacy to the latest version it will remove the older version first. If the older version of the installer has been corrupted or removed then it will not uninstall.
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Windows installer seems to hang

If you DO NOTĀ have an active Internet connection or your firewall is blocking outbound connections then the installer will appear to hang as it tries to resolve application dependencies.
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How to Uninstall when original MSI is missing

If you are having problems uninstalling an application due to missing files required by the Windows Installer system we recommend you use the tool from Microsoft to fix any issues.
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