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The BlackFog installer provides various options for mass deployment using standard MDM solutions on the market. To install BlackFog using these solutions, simply provide the /qn command line option and ensure you are running under elevated (admin level) privileges. And example would be:

C:\BlackFogPrivacySetup.exe /qn

You may also apply a license key silently (version 2.6.3 or later) for each user by creating a “license.key” text file containing the encrypted key and placing it in the following directory:


You can retrieve your license key online by logging into your user account and clicking the licenses section of your account.

When the application starts it will apply this key and register the application. Please make sure there is a valid Internet connection for this to apply successfully.

If you are using MSI for SMS or Group Policy installation please use the MSI installer as follows:

msiexec.exe /i “BlackFogPrivacyInstall.msi” /quiet /qn

Note that the installer needs to be run as an administrator for this to work correctly. Because the MSI file only runs in 32bit mode, when you install on 64 bit machines you will note that the application will be installed in “Program Files (x86)” rather than the normal “Program Files” that the executable installer uses. This has no effect on the application in any way.

You can download the MSI directly from here.

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