Robins Insurance Case Study
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The Challenge

Protecting sensitive data and taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity has always been a focus for Robins Insurance, but this became more critical when the State of Virginia introduced a new data security act that impacted the insurance sector.

Although always focused on data security, ensuring compliance with new legislation prompted John Robins, a co-owner of the company, to evaluate their cybersecurity strategy and ensure they were doing everything they could to maintain the integrity of their data. “Security has always been a big concern and over the last 5-10 years we have been very focussed on migrating to the cloud and getting away from hosting our own servers for that reason.

As a business we always plan for worst, ensuring we can still function in the face of a natural disaster, like a hurricane for example. As long as we have connectivity and access to data we can pretty much work anywhere even without the physical premises. We felt prepared for any catastrophe and that really helped us when we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic!

When our team was suddenly remote we were fortunate to be ahead of the curve. The last move to the cloud was installing VPNs and cloud based Antivirus to ensure our staff could work securely from home. The move to remote operations and impending new data privacy legislation made me question what security holes this move might open up and what we could do to fill them?”

The Solution

John reached out to the company’s cyber insurance partner Evolve MGA as a proactive measure to see what else they could do to mitigate the risks that came with remote working and ensure compliance with the new regulations that would soon be in force. John commented, “we hadn’t heard about BlackFog or Anti Data Exfiltration technology before, but Evolve recommended we take a look at the solution to prevent cyberattacks, especially ransomware.

We’ve always been proactive when it comes to teaching our team about email scams and how to spot phishing emails, etc. but I was really interested in finding a solution that could proactively protect us, as it’s a lot easier and less expensive to prevent attacks than it is try and fix it later! BlackFog seemed like an interesting option for us.”

The Approach

The trial started with a 7 day ransomware assessment. John met with BlackFog’s VP of Threat Intelligence who guided the company through the installation and assessment period. “Prior to meeting with BlackFog, I really didn’t know a lot about the solution but the trial was a real eye opener. We actually had an attack on our server during the evaluation period and BlackFog blocked it.

We tested it for a few weeks and making the decision to add it to our security stack was an easy one. It did exactly what it promised to do and it ran so seamlessly behind the scenes that I forgot it was even there. And importantly, it didn’t have any negative impact on our teams ability to do their job.”

The Results

BlackFog is now installed on all company devices and it is an important part of the company’s cybersecurity strategy. John commented, “when it comes to securing data and preventing breaches, it’s top of our list, in fact I can’t think of anything more important to our business.

I would 100% recommend BlackFog to other companies with the same priority. It’s really all about being proactive and having tools that take a preventative approach, since we started using BlackFog we haven’t had any issues, it’s delivering exactly what it said it would.”

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