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Monthly Decrease in exfiltration
Monthly Decrease in suspicious behavior
Monthly Decrease in spyware

The Challenge

Like most businesses today IT is an important function critical to the success of Tømmergaarden. Managing computers, mobile devices, printers, software and licensing are important functions of the IT department, but one of the biggest IT challenges facing Tømmergaarden was how to control what their staff were doing on company devices.

“Employees can indeed be the weakest link in the security chain”, said Brian Kudsk, Head of IT at Tømmergaarden. “We have to try and ensure that our users are not clicking on suspicious or bad links which can be a major threat to our IT infrastructure. In my experience, employees are engaging in this behaviour all of the time without even thinking about it.”

The company was using an anti-virus solution to help mitigate this risk and the IT department could see that they had an issue with staff clicking on potentially dangerous links on a very frequent basis. Although they have never been affected by issues such as malware or ransomware, they wanted to find a proactive solution that would prevent these issues from happening at all.

The Solution

Tømmergaarden heard about BlackFog Privacy from an IT distributor in Denmark in early 2018 and was very interested in the technology. BlackFog provides real-time protection against online threats, consisting of multiple layers of defense against ransomware, spyware, malware and unauthorized data collection and profiling. Providing an extra layer of security, BlackFog helps to protect a company’s privacy by monitoring only the information leaving your environment. Helping to fill the gap that firewalls and antivirus leave behind.

The Approach

After evaluating and testing BlackFog on 15 systems for a 3-4 week period, the company decided to install BlackFog on all of its 470 devices. “It was easy to see the value in BlackFog very early on, said Brian. “After we started running BlackFog we noticed in our antivirus reports that we had zero issues with employees clicking on malicious links because BlackFog was blocking the threats before they even got to our devices.”

The Results

Tømmergaarden’s IT department plan to eliminate their use of antivirus software in the near future using only BlackFog and Windows Defender for protection. Head of IT, Brian Kudsk commented, “When you have BlackFog installed you don’t have the need for any other programs like anti malware because its included, even though BlackFog is not antivirus software, my concern is protecting our organization from malware and ransomware.”

“BlackFog is catching way more than our antivirus software ever could, we have never had a more effective program for blocking ads which in turn is saving us a huge amount of time and providing us with peace of mind knowing that our networks are secure. Just for the ad blocking alone BlackFog is worth the money.”

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