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Password protecting the uninstallation of BlackFog

Note that this article is only relevant for BlackFog 2.x or below. Password protecting installers is against best practices according to Microsoft guidelines. If you wish to prevent the uninstallation of products users should NOT be given administrator access to the machine.

When installing BlackFog on multiple machines within a family or corporate environment it is often necessary to ensure that the product is not disabled or removed by password protecting uninstallation. BlackFog ensures that you can only remove the product by entering the license signature. This is the signature that was provided in the license key provided by BlackFog.

In order to prevent the removal of BlackFog please ensure that the license signature is NOT distributed amongst the users you wish to protect.

Note this uninstallation protection is only available for the Licensed edition of the software. If the product is running in trial mode then users are free to uninstall without a password.

Password protect Uninstallation
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